Travel Journal Mexico:”Boxing Day”

While most people were out frantically shopping, this is what we did on December 26th:

The Klima/Barrons are due to arrive tonight – I am so excited to have more people to swim with. Today I have been to the ocean twice solo because mum didn’t want to come and Kath was sleeping. The ocean is magnificent regardless but I love the company when swimming and body surfing as well. So far nothing has extended past our 100 ft radius (beach + bungalow). We are going to go to JEEP (Jaltemba Equine Education Project) which an animal refugee and adoption shelter. I’m excited.

We fucked up and JEEP closed at noon… it’s 2pm.

Another beach day (are there any other kind?). Kath and I body surfed, then mum and I played cards. We went to Los Brisas for lunch. It was 3 blocks away and we had a gorgeous view of the ocean. The restaurant was rooftop and we were practically on the beach! Elkie and Minota came with us (ladies from Saskatoon that we met at the bungalow). They are very interesting, well-travelled ladies (79 years old, they’ve been friends since grade 9). Henry, Julia etc arrived (finally) at 6:30pm – their flight was delayed 3 hours! We played Camel Up + Settlers. I can’t wait for tomorrow.



For board games such as Camel Up and Settlers: the

For delicious drinks at Los Brisas


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