Travel Journal Mexico: Feliz Navidad

Today has been the most relaxing Christmas yet – I woke up first at 7am, finished my book (The Slap), then swam in the ocean at 8am. Luxury! I swam for about an hour, it was such bliss. Then tanned by the pool and read my other book “Everything I Ever Wanted” by Jillian Lauren (which is fantastic by the way). Then I went swimming solo again – body surfing! Then more lounging. For breakfast I had a banana, croissant and galleta from “Santa”(Bob + Linda the bungalow owners). Then mum, Kath and I had a homemade lunch of guacamole, beans, rice, peppers, lime and tortillas YUM. With G+T (Gin and Tonic) of course. Off for an afternoon stroll soon.

We went for a walk at sunset (after swimming 2 more times with Kath). The sunsets here are like no other I’ve seen (or remember anyway). The sky turns into a pastel-coloured mash-up, like a canvas painting. With soft pinks, blues, yellows, oranges, red – the pictures don’t do it justice. Then Kath played settlers with us! Twice! I lost both times (ridiculous!). Best Christmas yet.


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