Travel Journal Mexico: La Penita de Jaltema

I found a travel journal guys! This one has Costa Rica, France and Spain and my most recent trip to Mexico. I just got back two weeks ago from La Penita de Jaltemba which is two hours north of Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. I was writing in my journal and my family was questioning my blog. I explained how I never make the time to write anymore, when my sister suggested that I just write my journal entries on my blog – so here it goes! Hope you like it.


What a day! We woke up at 3:20am Victoria B.C. time, had a connecting flight to Seattle, then got to Puerto Vallarta (PV). After arriving in PV at 4pm, we then had a two hour taxi ride up to La Penita de Jaltema. I felt nothing but bliss on the drive up. It was the most gorgeous green scenery – all different types f trees and mountains. I kept thinking, as the taxi driver drove around other cars with frightening speed, that even if it was my time to die, I would be completely satisfied with my life. (Who else can say that?). I was at such a serene state – I kept thanking the Universe (silently), almost like a prayer. But I was also aware of the poverty and various socioeconomic backgrounds I was witnessing. Some places were filled with car lots and others with half-starved horses/live stock. Our driver was booked through our accommodation “La Casita de Penita” (will post a link at the bottom). Both the service and accommodation were delightful! The “Casita” is right on the beach, almost literally. We have an ocean view and as I write this I am enveloped by the rythmic song of the waves. AS soon as we arrived we leaped out of the car and ran to the beach (my sister, Kath and I) and of course I jumped right in and the waves were ferocious.  I laughed and laughed as the break of the wave hugged my back… like a long lost friend. Oh, Mexico, how I have missed you. Afterwords, we went to “Hinde y Jaime’s” for dinner (will post a link). Kath is vegetarian (I am no longer one) so she had cheese quesedila with rice and salad and guacamole. We all shared the guac, chips and salsa verde. Mum and  I split the fish tacos (to die for). As well as 3 chicken enchilladas which came with salad. YUM we also got complimentary corn tortilla chips and fresh made salsa. We ALSO had a gin and tonic (mum), pina colada (me) and margarita (kath) to toast the beginning of our holiday. All for the grand total of… 300 pesos ($24 Canadian), which included the tip (which is not a usual custom in Mexico, you tip if you want to). What a steal of a meal! We are exhausted now and it is only 7:30pm. The Thursday square market is tomorrow and then drinks with the Casita owner. Life is so great: PS the ocean is perfect; we went body surfing and my soul has been replenished.


Casita de la Penita, Owners: Bob and Linda

Hinde y Jaime’s



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