Travel Journal Mexico: Christmas Eve


I slept from 8pm to 7:20am! Hopefully I can stay awake longer tonight. This view is spectacular! I love waking up to the sound of the crashing waves. My grandma would love this place (she doesn’t get to travel enough). We made our own breakfast of avocado, eggs, tomato and I had banana. We had to soak our fruit in drinking water with some drops (Microdyn) to remove any harmful bacteria etc that could cause sickness.

 (Not sure if I believe in this or not but no one got sick the whole trip).

Then we went to the market and saw an animal rescue booth called Jaltemba Equine Education Project (JEEP).

This booth had a black dog who had been abandoned with a litter of pups, only one puppy survived. It really effected me and my family. We promised to go on Saturday to visit the refuge.

I bought a pair of black matted sunglasses for 70 pesos (less than $7 CAD). I was the only one who bought something, which was shocking because my sister loves to shop and I do not. Then we went back to the bungalow (Casita) and went swimming in the ocean! Best waves ever!!! Kath and I went body surfing and mum came swimming too. We swam for a solid hour and tanned for a bit before we left for lunch. This restaurant was not as good – food was pretty bland. Oh well! Then we got some more groceries for tomorrow in case everything is closed on Christmas day. At 4:30 my sister had a nap and mum and I went to join Bob (one of the owner’s of the Casita) for drinks. He made everyone in the building margaritas (strong ones!). Yum! All of the renters here are Canadian! Everyone was very friendly. These two ladies from BC are here until the 6th (we leave on the 4th) – so we may do a day trip with them. Then mum and I played board games and card games until Kath woke up. Kath and I went for a walk on the beach and around town. I love this place. Merry Christmas Eve! Feliz Navidad. Fireworks and firecrackers light up the sky and blast my eardrums.





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