To paraphrase Hozier “somewhere for these death and guns, we are young and free and feel none of it, adding shadows to the walls of the cave; we are nursing on a poison”.

I want to run away and never come back… for selfish and selfless reasons. Selfless reason number one: Be the change

There are so many in physical pain and we need to forget about ourselves and actually help. I don’t mean to just donate money towards an organization, I mean change the way we live. For those who have restrictions and can’t physically leave the country this means making conscious choices to buy local, support fair trade and conserve clean drinking water.

I am currently sitting on my bed, in my home, where I have immediate access to heat, clean drinking water, and food. I have more than most, and take it for granted. Every person should have these things. At the very least every person should have water. This is not a new concept – people have been saying this for years, but I am inspired and pissed off, so I am writing about it. Which brings me to reason two: live simply, so others can simply live (Gandhi).

In live in Canada, where we have been hard-wired to believe that we always need more… but we are “distracting and sedating ourselves” from real issues. We spend our time thinking about ourselves (and I do too! don’t get me wrong, I am just as bad) but I am tired of being this way. How can I live in a world where people are suffering and I just go about my life as if I don’t know starvation and disease related to malnutrition kill thousands every single day.

I need to seriously evaluate my life and find out how I can best utilize my time, because while I feel that I am doing my part in Victoria, it just isn’t enough.

Some related documentaries include: The End of Poverty?, Food Inc, Food Matters, Blue Gold, Tableland… a quick google search found me this list:

Just be conscious of what organizations, corporations etc that you are supporting! What are there ethical values and do they match yours?


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