Forever Young

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Age-Old Questions.”




A number is just a number until you start to associate it with other things. Being a teenager is paired with immaturity. I  remember when I was in high school and no one would take me seriously. I thought ‘what is the point of even speaking!?’, it was infuriating. Now, I am 21, have graduated from University and have started a meaningful job working with Autistic children and I finally start to get treated like an adult (most of the time). I have always felt older than my age because of the things associated with people in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s… That’s the other thing, every 21-year-old is looked at the same way initially, and judged by a stranger. Until you get to know someone you are just judging them based on age and other factors: appearance, health, smell… So to answer the “age-old question”, yes, an age is just an age. Some “younger” people have old souls and vice versa. I hope I will never feel I have to hide my age, or say “I feel 30!” when I am 50, because I hope I exude that energy instead.


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